Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar was transported back to his childhood memories as he posted a video taken by daughter Sara on Wednesday where he is seen getting wet in the rain.

“My favourite camerawoman, @saratendulkar captured me enjoying the simpler joys of life! Raindrops always bring back my childhood memories,” Tendulkar said in an Instagram post with a video where he is seen enjoying the showers and roaming around his garden in a black t-shirt and black shorts.


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My favourite camerawoman 📸, @saratendulkar captured me enjoying the simpler joys of life! Raindrops always bring back my childhood memories. #mumbairains

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Tendulkar can be seen waiting towards the end of the video as a sign of acknowledgment to Sara who captured him getting wet in the rain.

The batting legend had recently given his opinion on the International Cricket Council (ICC) law. He stated that ICC should consider doing away with the provision to stick with umpire’s call when a team calls for a review for an LBW decision.

Tendulkar also said that if the technology is being used in the game, the decision should be entirely dependent upon that.

“What % of the ball hits the stumps doesn’t matter, if DRS shows us that the ball is hitting the stumps, it should be given out, regardless of the on-field call. That’s the motive of using technology in cricket. As we know technology isn’t 100% right but neither are humans,” tweeted Tendulkar alongwith a video of him and fellow batting great Brian Lara discussing the Decision Review System (DRS) for the former’s 100MB app.

“Somebody is unhappy with the onfield decision and that is the only reason they have gone upstairs to the third umpire and when that happens, let the technology take over. Just like in tennis, it’s either in or out, there is nothing in between. Once you have decided to use technology, then you rely on it,” he said in the video.

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