Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has shed light upon a number of issues in a recent interview on LightHarted podcast, which is going viral. He also spoke about his former manager Jose Mourinho.

It is worth highlighting here that Mourinho played a crucial role in finalising the deal which brought in Lukaku from Everton to Manchester United. The striker confessed that they were not always on the same page.

“Everybody has their own personal relationship with him,” Lukaku said to the LightHarted podcast.

“Me and him, we bump heads but I love him as a man.”

“I think he loves me as a man but we bump heads all the time. Sometimes he might be picky on me and then I’ll be picky on him. He’s my guy, for sure,” he added.

Mourinho and Lukaku had also spent some time together at Chelsea but it was only at Manchester United that they stayed together for a considerable amount of time.

Both of them left the team for different reasons. While Mourinho was forced to leave his role as manager of Manchester United after a string of unfavourable results, Lukaku moved to Inter Milan in the summer transfer window of 2018.