In a recent turn of events, head coach of the Indian cricket team Ravi Shastri as well as veteran off-spinner  Harbhajan Singh have asked the countrymen to  back Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to stand united against the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier on Friday morning, PM Modi urged people all over the country to switch off all their lights at homes and hold light diyas, candles or switch on the flashlights of mobile phones at 9 pm on Sunday for 9 minutes to stand united, show solidarity as India continues to fight against coronavirus.

To support PM’s call, Ravi Shastri also penned down a tweet.

“To reignite the united strength of 130 crore people, let us light a lamp | a candle | torch | mobile flashlight at 9 pm for 9 minutes on Sunday – 5th April. Let’s build up a new energy to fight this Covid-19 crisis,” Shastri tweeted.

The Prime Minister was however also quick to warn people to avoid mass gatherings and practice social distancing.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh also urged people to stand in solidarity and support PM’s call.

“Every individual has his own part to do to stay home. We are proud of our Team Leader Narendra Modi. Let’s all continue to stay home and be safe. 5th April at 9pm for 9 mins all lights off. Candles, diya, torch, mobile flash to use but only from home. No streets show please,” the Chennai Super Kings star wrote on his Twitter handle.

India is currently locked down for 21 days in an attempt to break the transmission chain of COVID-19.