Reigning Premier League champions Manchester City’s boss Pep Guardiola has stated that he will rather play golf than consider coaching rival teams of some of the teams he has coached in the past. He said that he would not even bother to contemplate coaching Manchester United or Real Madrid but would be happy playing golf instead.

“After training City I won’t train United,” Guardiola said as quoted by IANS prior to the first-leg semi-final at Old Trafford.

“It is like I would never train Madrid. Definitely not.”

When quizzed if he would consider coaching these teams, if they were his last options, he stated, “I’d be in the Maldives if I don’t have any offers! Maybe not the Maldives because it doesn’t have any golf courses.”

As far as the Premier League points table are concerned, Manchester City find themselves at the third place in the standings with as many as 44 points from 21 matches.

(With stats and inputs from IANS)