Two times defending champion of the Premier League Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola confessed that their defeat against Norwich City was shocking but he will still stay calm and composed and not panic. He also took a dig at their rivals Liverpool in a post-match interview.

Guardiola stated that since it is only the month of September it is too early to conclude that Manchester City will not win the Premier League title. He then added that similarly, it is too early to consider congratulating Liverpool for title win as there are lot many twists and turns which lie ahead of all the Premier League teams

“Five points (behind Liverpool) is five points – but we are in September,” Guardiola was quoted as saying by Mirror.

“What are we supposed to do? Say ‘it’s September and congratulations to Liverpool, you are champions?’

“Not for one second am I going to doubt my players.”

“Sometimes you know we make mistakes. I think sometimes we forget these guys are human.”

“Football is quick, things can go wrong and I must see what I can do to help them.”

“Winning again this season will depend on how the season goes. It’s very difficult, obviously, because all of the teams have strengthened their squads,” he concluded.