Two-time defending champions of the Premier League Manchester City’s boss Pep Guardiola believes that Mikel Arteta will enjoy huge success as manager of the team.

He also predicted that the “incredible” talent Mikel Arteta will become the next Manchester City manager. Notably, Arteta had joined Guardiola’s staff as an assistant coach way back in July 2016 immediately after he had retired from his career as a player. Prior to that he had been a vital member of the Arsenal squad.

Under Guardiola as the head coach and Arteta as the assistant coach, Manchester City have had a good run. They have won two Premier League titles and two EFP Cup trophies. They even have a FA Cup and two Community shield titles to their credit during this time.

“I’m pretty sure [he’ll succeed me]. He will have success,” Pep Guardiola told UK media.

“Sooner or later it’s going to happen [Arteta becoming a manager]. He’s a young, young manager. He has experience already, handling big players and big teams.

“He’s got an incredible work ethic. He has a special talent to analyse what happens and to find solutions. We talk a lot about what he believes and how he feels,” he added.

Guardiola then went on to state how they both had a similar view towards the game and was all in praise for the former midfield player’s character and integrity.

“He’s so happy when we win but suffers when we don’t and that is why he tries to find a solution,” he said.

“He’s an incredible human being, with incredible values about what it means in the locker room to be together, and he is already an incredible manager and he’ll have incredible success in his future.

“We see the football in really quite a close way,” he concluded.

Manchester City will be up against Watford in a home game on Saturday.