Nico Rosberg congratulates Lewis Hamilton for F1 title victory

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton (Photo: AFP)

Former German Formula One racer Nico Rosberg on Monday congratulated Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton on his fourth F1 World Championship title victory.

Britain’s Hamilton on Sunday finished ninth in the Mexican GP to take an unassailable 56 points lead over Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel with two races remaining.

“To Lewis, congrats, areally awesome performance this year and a really well-deserved fourth championship,” the 32-year-old was quoted saying by Fox Sports on Sunday.


“What a season it has been overall. The battle between Mercedes and Ferrari with Red Bull in the mix, it’s perfect I think,” Rosberg who won the F1 title in the previous season added.

Rosberg also said it was exciting to see Hamilton and Vettel competing throughout the season.

“Lewis versus Seb has been exciting and everybody else who has been in the mix from time to time,” the 57-time podium finisher said.

“Of course also a big congratulations to Mercedes, it’s been a really incredible job what they’ve done across a massive regulation change, to completely start from scratch and to then dominate like that, especially now towards the end of the season, I think that is very, very impressive, so I hope you all celebrate in style tonight,” Rosberg added.