Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has kept Manchester United guessing over his next transfer. This has made the Premier League side a little bit nervous.

It is worth highlighting here that the Spanish football star has not yet signed a fresh deal with Manchester United that would keep him in their squad for the near future. Despite agreeing to a £350,000-a-week contract, in principle, he is yet to sign it.

According to a report carried by Don Balon, a Spanish weekly sports magazine, the delay in signing the contract by David de Gea is because he wants to shift bases to his dream team Real Madrid.

Madrid had nearly drafted in David de Gea a couple of years ago but had failed to do the paperwork in time to draft David in their squad. Consequently, De Gea has been an absolute match-winner for Manchester United on countless occasions. He also went on to win Player of the Year awards for the past few seasons.

However, now with Keylor Navas set to shift bases in the transfer window and Thibaut Courtois not performing consistently, De Gea’s chances of securing a deal win Madrid appear very bright.

With his new deal with Manchester United delayed to January, David de Gea might just shift bases to Real Madrid in a massive and record-breaking move.