Australian tennis star Andrew Harris has trained his guns towards big-ticket tennis players for failing to help lower-ranked tennis stars, who according to him, have suffered the most during the coronavirus crisis.

“The general public don’t have any idea of the discrepancies in prize money and the distribution of wealth right up the top. There’s got to be a structure where there’s more than just 100 guys making a living in a global sport… after that, we’re pretty much losing money,” Harris said on Break Point Podcast as per foxsports. (via IANS)

“I think we need a system where we can support 300 players where the 300th-best player in the world can earn an income to support themselves.

“It’s definitely skewed to the top but the governing bodies need to do more to help the guys outside the top 100 because there’s still a bloody good level outside the top 100. It’s just about getting the opportunities and taking them to get to the next level.”

Harris particularly criticised Roger Federer. in this regard but admitted that Noval Djokovic has indeed the done the most for lower-ranked players.

“Roger, Rafa and Novak. They’ve been at the top for so long, they almost forget what it’s like to be in these lower positions. I know Federer is all for the money at the top. He might say in public what people want to hear, that he’s all for money being redistributed to lower-ranked players … but when it comes to voting, his preference is to keep it at the top,” Harris claimed.

“I think Novak out of the top three is pushing the agenda to give money to the lower ranks hardest. (I’m unsure) whether that’s enough, but out of those three, I think he’s doing the most. It doesn’t affect them so they’re not that invested.

“At world no. 1 or 2, you’ve got so much going on. Novak didn’t even join the Zoom call … He’s head of the Player Council and he’s not even on the call, didn’t show his face. There were images of him playing soccer at the same time. That’s pretty ordinary,” he added.