Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho on Saturday said he has accepted an apology from Chelsea second assistant coach Marco Ianni for celebrating the Blues’ last-minute equaliser in front of him at Stamford Bridge.

On Saturday, during the match between Manchester United and Chelsea, Jose Mourinho was left furious after Ianni celebrated Chelsea’s 96th-minute equaliser by Ross Barkley in front of former Blues’ manager.



After the end of the match, in the post-match interview, Mourinho revealed he has accepted Ianni’s apology and his argument with him had been settled after an intervention from Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri.

“I am not annoyed with anything. What happened was with Sarri’s assistant, and Sarri was the first one to come to me to say he would resolve the problem internally with me. After that his assistant came to me in Sarri’s office and apologised to me,” Jose Mourinho said, before adding, “I immediately said if you really feel that way, and you want to apologise, of course I accept apologies, and to forget it because I made lots of mistakes in my career. So I’m not going to kill you because of one.”

Jose Mourinho added, “Forget it, it’s over, he apologised and it’s over.” When Jose Mourinho was questioned about Chelsea fans, he said: “No, I don’t think. But that’s not my responsibility. I have a certain level of education, socially and in sport, and what I did here today, I will do one day in Madrid, Porto, Milan, I will try to behave the same way, but then the reaction of the fans is up to them, not up to me.”