The debate regarding whether or not Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all time (GOAT) seems to be a never-ending one. However, former Real Madrid manager Jose Antonio Camacho has finally seemed to crack the riddle, well almost! He has stated that unless Lionel Messi wins the FIFA World Cup, he cannot be called the “GOAT”.

He admitted that although he is a big admirer of Messi himself, he believes that Messi is still one trophy away from being called as the “GOAT” and that is the World Cup trophy. Once he wins it, there will be no competition at all.

“He [Lionel Messi] is a very good player, but you can’t be the best in the world – let alone in history – if you are an Argentinian and you have not won a World Cup,” Camacho said in an interview with El Mundo, a Spanish daily.

“There are countries with lesser tradition when it comes to world football – where winning the World Cup is not as significant an achievement as in other countries – but Argentina is a dominant force,” he added.

“No, without a World Cup, Messi can’t be the best.

“A World Cup is the best you can aspire to and Argentinians will always demand it,” Camacho elaborated why he feels that way.

Despite stating that Leo is still some distance away from being crowned the “GOAT”, Camacho believes that he is still a legend of the game.

“He can decide a game at any time,” he said.

“There can be a total balance between two teams but he is Lionel Messi and he can break that balance suddenly,” he concluded.

Notably, Camacho has never managed Lionel Messi.