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It puts life into perspective: Richard Hadlee on battle with cancer

Notably, the New Zealand cricket legend was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in June 2018.

SNS | New Delhi |

In a recent media interaction, Sir Richard Hadlee has stated how his ongoing battle with cancer has put life into perspective for him. Considered to one of the great all-rounders of the 1980s along with the likes of Kapil Dev, Ian Botham and Imran Khan, Hadlee once had the record of the highest Test wickets which was surpassed by India’s Kapil Dev.

Notably, the New Zealand cricket legend was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in June 2018.

“It puts life into perspective because I never had symptoms,” said Hadlee as quoted by IANS.

“It was purely a freak situation where a routine colonoscopy determined the problem. I was faced with a huge challenge in my life as odds were not in my favour. They are still not, surviving five years,” he added.

“Two years into it and I have to get through the next three years without any problem. I feel good but tomorrow I could wake up with a symptom. That makes you think about appreciating the value of life, of living life, living each day and having something to look forward to. Like this project (Hadlee Indoor facility), wanting to see it start, to be complete, to be opened, working in my lifetime. That’s very important to me,” he further said.

Hadlee then went on to make some revelations concerning his treatment. He told how doctors removed a third of his gall bladder, liver and appendix removed.

“I had a third of the bowel removed. Blood tests were not good. It metastasized and it got to my liver, so they took 15% of my liver. My gall bladder and appendix, without even asking, they just pinched them while I was asleep!” he said.

“Then, I had six months of chemotherapy, which was a difficult time particularly with fatigue, food, vomiting, diarrhoea, that was a difficult time to get through. That finished end of January last year,” he added.

“At the moment all good. I lost 10 kilos but that’s all come back on now. I do all the normal things now, just have to watch my diet. I get regular check-ups every three months. At the moment, test results were in my favour but I am not out of the woods. I have to still get through the next 12 to 24 months without any reoccurrence. If it comes back, then we will deal with it then but it won’t be good. But at the moment all clear,” he concluded.