West Indies great Sir Viv Richards on Thursday heaped praises on Indian skipper Virat Kohli and said he was a huge fan of Delhi batsman.

Viv Richards was addressing a press conference organised by Manipal Group’s American University of Antigua College of Medicine. The former West Indies cricketer opined that although India has a “lot of ground to cover” in terms of winning series overseas, Virat Kohli’s side stands a better chance to win in Australia in the ongoing tour.

Speaking about Virat Kohli’s on-field aggression, Richards said, sledging sometimes helps the team and players bring the best out of them.

“Earlier, India used to play with four spinners. They now have four fast bowlers. It is good that things have changed. India realised it needs that attitude. But India still get to do well in overseas,” Richards said.

He further said a good team like India deserves overseas victories.

“Kohli is aggressive. I am a big fan of him. I like good batsman and good aggression. And I like the fact that someone can play Australia like that. I think Virat Kohli is going to give it back to Australia this time. Virat is special and I like that game,” Richards said.

Speaking about Kohli’s playing style, he said, “I also played the same game. Can you imagine Viv and Virat playing in the same team?”

“Virat is good. You are good if you can only reply. If you are not good you can’t reply. Virat is good in that sense,” Richards further said.

Richards also said that the Indian Premier League has improved Indian cricket to a great extent.

“Indian infrastructure have improved. IPL has helped in a big way. It has brought money and the Indian team has got substance. But I think India needs to win overseas and still there is a lot of ground to cover,” Richards said.