Premier League side Chelsea’s manager Frank Lampard has revealed that he would like their new star player Tommy Abraham to be new Didier Drogba at the club. He made the prediction highlighting the identical goal-scoring abilities Abraham has with that of Drogba.

Droba achieved the legendary status with the Chelsea squad as he has scored crucial goals for his team in competitions like Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup finals.

The Ivory International player has also done well for Chelsea and led them to a Premier League-winning title with his goal-scoring spree.

In the ongoing Premier League season, Lampard and his boys will face table-toppers on Sunday. The match is looked upon as a must-win match for both the teams.

Team manager Lampard has insisted that Abraham who already has seven goals in five matches this season for Chelsea has what it takes to be successful at this level.

“It’s normal the top strikers are judged on goals and the next level is: ‘Do you score goals against the big teams?’” Lampard raised the question in a recent interview as quoted by Mirror.

“I understand that because against someone like van Dijk, and a team like Liverpool, maybe it’s harder to create chances.”

“So it’s what you can do ­individually to try to create them and how clinical you can be after that. Tammy [Abraham] has shown great signs this season but it will be another test on the way.”

“It’s not the be-all and end-all day and we make our judgments after that. But, yes, for top strikers like Didier, we all remember the number of times he scored in ­finals and semi-finals and really important games, and quite rightly, players are judged on that.”

“Maybe it’s a bit of both but the thing I love about Tammy is his enthusiasm and how he takes on challenges. He takes every day like it’s a challenge and a happy challenge.”

“He comes in with a smile on his face and wants to score in training and be the best he can be.”

“If you’ve got that ­attitude, you’ve got a great chance because we know he has the ­talent,” he concluded.