World football's governing body FIFA has confirmed that it has started disciplinary proceedings against Italian club Juventus over the transfer of French midfielder Paul Pogba while ruling the other involved club Manchester United innocent.

French midfielder Paul Pogba was transferred for a world record fee of £89 million ($112.2 million) in 2016. It has been alleged that FIFA's interest in the transfer could be related to the issue of third-party ownership. 

FIFA reportedly asked both clubs last month about those involved in the transfer. 

It has been alleged that Pogba's agent, Mino Raiola, earned €49 million ($54.61) from the deal.

"We can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Juventus FC. We cannot comment further as proceedings are ongoing. We can confirm that no disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Manchester United," a FIFA spokesman was quoted as saying by the Telegraph on Tuesday.

FIFA is investigating whether the Italian champions breached third party ownership rules in their dealings with Raiola.

United insisted that they had done nothing wrong at the time, with a spokesman saying: "We don't comment on contracts, FIFA have had the documents since the transfer was completed last August."

Agents are permitted to act for two sides to a transfer, and three in exceptional circumstances, as long as all parties are aware of it and agree.

If Juventus are found guilty of wrongdoing, the Italian champions could be fined or handed a transfer ban.