Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo’s bronze statue in Funchal, Madeira, is a big hit with his fans.

The sculpture was erected in 2014 in honour of the former Real Madrid and Manchester United striker. The statue of CR7 is 3.4 metres tall, weighs 800 kilos and sculpted in bronze by Madeiran artist Ricardo Veloza. The position of Ronaldo’s statue is identical to the way the Juventus star takes a free-kick — parallel legs and eyes focused.

When Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue was revealed in 2014 to the public, people noticed his “figure hugging shorts” and his “well-endowed” figure. People apparently can’t stop themselves from touching it to have a better feel, besides clicking photographs or taking selfies.

It is being said young ladies like to take photographs with the statue of the five-time Baloon d’Or winner while touching or rubbing his groin area most.



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Someone’s keen to meet the #ronaldostatue #goldenballs

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A Cristiano Ronaldo fan, John Rodgers, posed with CR7’s statue to click a picture holding his hand but after sending the picture to his family’s WhatsApp group he noticed the other aspects.

“I just wanted a picture of him to send to my family. But as soon as I put on the family WhatsApp group everyone started laughing,” John Rodgers was quoted as saying by the Sun. “They couldn’t help notice the well-rubbed area between his legs.”

Rodgers further said, “Whilst waiting to get back on the boat I then realised a stream of tourists who were keen to touch that area. It seemed to make them all smile. Particularly a young blonde lady. She couldn’t keep her hands off.”


“It’s just a bit of fun I suppose and Ronaldo is known for his love of the ladies,” Rodgers said before adding, “But I thought handling in the penalty area was against the rules. Then it occurred to me he won several Golden Balls as best player on the planet and a few Silver ones for coming second behind Messi.”

“So why not couple of shiny brass ones to complete the set,” Rodgers insisted.