Thursday, May 30, 2019, the date no Cricket buff could ‘dare’ to miss as the greatest carnival of the game, the Cricket World Cup has started in England and Wales and will go on till July 14.

To make the event even more fun and entertaining, Twitter has made some special arrangements. Basking in the glory of the just concluded IPL, Twitter has brought live action for the fans. Not only that, they will be able to participate in all the tweets and chit chat about every moment of the World Cup.

Using Twitter, fans can talk about the action on and off the pitch and allow them to track the games in real-time through a unique live scorecard in the app. Fans can tap on the Twitter Moment Tweeted by @MomentsIndia, follow the scores in real-time, as well as see multiple timelines of the latest Tweets, top commentary, and videos. In addition, fans will get some of the most engaging Tweets from the teams, players, commentators and other fans.

There’s also breaking news notifications. By tapping on this notification, users will be taken to a Twitter Moment about the breaking news topic.

Twitter has also partnered with the ICC to bring fans the highlights and behind the scenes content after every match.

You can Tweet with a special trophy emoji for the tournament and team slogans for each of the 10 teams playing in the CWC19.