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‘Each day it becomes harder to win World Cup matches’

It’s indeed a tough tournament.

IANS | Kazan |

Spanish national football team midfielder Sergio Busquets expressed his satisfaction following his team’s victory over Iran (1-0) and said each day it becomes harder to win.

“We know what a World Cup is and we also know that each day it becomes harder to win. For me, Morocco has played two matches much better than its rivals and is now going home,” Busquets explained in the Kazan Arena on Wednesday, reports Efe.

The most important thing, especially in the group stage, is to win,” he added.

Busquets stressed that the priority is now to defeat Morocco on the last day and try to finish first in Group B.

“Hopefully we can win against Morocco, but it will be much harder because it is a team that plays a lot better … it has played much better than its rivals in these first two days. I wish we can have a good match and win,” he said.

“The priority is to qualify as first in group. If we can make more goals, even better,” Busquets added.