If recent reports are to be believed, Manchester United star player David De Gea has finally agreed on a new contract with the club. The new contract is reportedly set to make him the highest plaid athlete within the club.

The star shot-stopper was gravitating a lot of transfer interest from other clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid since his current contract is set to expire in a few months time. David de Gea was also taking his own sweet time to sign a new deal with Manchester United and that had led to all kinds of speculations regarding his future.

According to a report done by Daily Record via SportBible, De Gea will not only stay a part of the team but the new deal would make him the highest-paid player in the history of the club. The former Atletico Madrid goalie has reportedly signed the deal estimated at around £13.3million per season. The contract is expected to last until 2024 June.

It was extensively reported that David was not happy with his current wages as the thought, he was paid less than what he deserved. The new deal will now put him in line with Paul Pogba who also earns the same amount and are jointly the highest paid players at Manchester United.