Disturbed with the way some people are misbehaving with police, who are asking them to avoid unnecessary outing and stay at home during the 21-day lockdown in the country, out-of-favour India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh said that the people need to change their attitude towards the cops.

“We have to change our attitude towards police.don’t forget they are putting their life to save ours.they also have families but they r doing their duty for the nation..why can’t we all just stay at home and be sensible for once for better tomorrow. Plz be sensible, (sic)” Harbhajan said in a tweet.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Indian government has put the entire nation under 21-day lockdown, which is until April 14, in order to stop the spread of the virus. But some people don’t seem to be heeding to the advice and are rather fighting with the police, who are stopping them from roaming freely outside.

The Coronavirus, which has already been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has so far claimed 16 lives in India with over 650 infected.

Talking across the globe so far, the COVID-19 has killed 22,165 and has infected 491,150 as per the data of Worldometer.