Auction of former Tennis veteran Boris Becker’s trophies and other souvenirs has reportedly raised more than $852,652. The trophy which attracted the highest bid was his 1989 US Open Trophy which was sold for more than 150 thousand pounds.

Notably, in an attempt to pay off a major part of his debt, the bankrupt German had opted to auction his coveted trophies and personal souvenirs. He was declared bankrupt in 2017.

As per reports, the tennis star, Boris, auctioned as many as 82 items, including his medals, cups, watches and photos.

One of the trophies incorporate an imitation of a Challenge Cup, which was granted to Becker post his Wimbledon wins, and the three-quarter measure replica of the Renshaw Cup obtained after he turned into the youngest ever Grand Slam singles champion.

The former player enjoyed an illustrious career in tennis but a failed business venture landed him in bankruptcy. Although he was declared bankrupt a couple of years back and the auction had to be held last year, Becker had then claimed diplomatic immunity from a situation of bankruptcy by taking up the responsibility of a Sports envoy with the Central African Republic.

Becker went on to win six Grand Slam titles, including as many as three Wimbledon. He also won a doubles gold medal in the 1992 Olympics which was held in Barcelona.

For fans of his style of play, Becker’s trophies being auctioned may be a sight that evokes so many emotions.