Post Arsenal’s 2-1 loss to Brighton at home, the Gunners interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg said that his men look very short on confidence. The coach added that they need to win games to gain some confidence.

“They look very short on confidence,” Ljungberg said as quoted by Sky Sports.

The Thursday night encounter against Brighton saw the home team trailing by a goal in the first half at the Emirates Stadium, courtesy Adam Webster.

“In the first half they were scared to get the ball and a bit scared to move, they were just standing still. That’s something we need to talk about,” pointed Ljungberg.

However, in the second half of the game the Gunners showed good resilience and created opportunities. Their hard work paid dividends within five minutes of the game as Alexandre Lacazette netted the equaliser. However, their happiness couldn’t last long as Neal Maupay scored for the visitors in the 80th minute and Arsenal failed to level things by the final whistle.

“They need to have a win, we need to dig out a win and get them some confidence. They can do it because they showed it in the beginning of the second half and they did it really well for 20 minutes. It’s hard to say that when you lose at home, but they were very good in that little spell,” said the interim boss, who has led the team after the sacking of Unai Emery.

“It’s never easy when you sack a manager and you’re low on confidence,” he added.