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Atlas Ramachandran: Banker, jeweler, producer and a dream merchant!

He was the Malayali boy who not just lived the ‘Gulf dream’ but paved the way for others too.

Rabbi Calra | New Delhi |

Mathukkara Moothedath Ramachandran, popularly known as Atlas Ramachandran, was an Indian with strong international affiliations and recognition. He passed away at the ripe age of 80 on Sunday night in a hospital in Dubai following cardiac arrest.
Born in Thrissur on July 31, 1942, into a family with a rich cultural and literary background, he was the Malayali boy who not just lived the ‘Gulf dream’ but paved the way for others too.
During the time of his youth, moving to the Gulf from Kerala was a rage among the rich and poor alike. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie and yet only a few were as fortunate as Ramachandran turned out to be. His moving to Dubai became another success story that would further entice more youngsters. However, his legend was not only restricted to his native state but went far and wide.
Atlas’ father, the late V Kamalakara Menon who died in 1995, was a poet. Frequent Akshara Shlokam recitation sessions were organised by his father at his home. One can imagine the type of environment he received in his early years and how such exposure would have impacted his value system. His was a big family and he was the third of eight children of his parents and the second son.
Ramachandran graduated from Kerala University’s St. Thomas College in Thrissur and moved to New Delhi to begin his professional career as a banker, with Canara Bank and then with State Bank of India.
However, his leap toward success began when he later moved to the gulf and started working with a bank in Kuwait. He came in contact with the right people and soon began his own jewellry business, thus paving way for Atlas Jewellery Group. He applied his business acumen and in due course opened more than 50 stores spread across the gulf countries and Kerala.
He soon diversified his business portfolio and apart from jewellery, he invested in real estate, opened two hospitals, and became a producer in Malayali cinema as well.
The business tycoon who faced a lot of ups and downs has left behind a legacy that would keep on inspiring millions to follow their dreams.