Despite the obsession with fair skin gradually decreasing, there are many who still think that people with dusky and tanned complexion cannot do much with makeup and colours.

However, the reality is something else. Makeup actually compliments the dusky complexion. Many actresses and models including Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, who are admired for their Indian skin tone are proof to this.

So, if you’re also blessed with dusky, olive or tanned complexion, we have got you covered. Here are a few tips that can make dark complexion work wonders.


Don’t you dare to ignore the cleansing routine. You may appear to be washed out and patchy, if not taken care of. So, never skip the daily cleansing and moisturizing routine. Exfoliate your skin regularly to get even skin tone.

Right foundation

Opt for the right foundation. Opt for a foundation that is a shade closest to your skin colour. One can also go for a water-based foundation if you have oily skin. People with dry skin can go for a cream-based foundation.

Highlight your eyes

Women with dusky skin tone are often blessed with very dark, deep eyes. One can use their eyes to highlight their makeup. Go for cream-based eyeliners, rather than liquid ones. Opt for dark shades including brown, copper and burgundy for the eyeshadow. Use mascara.

Blush colour

Choose the perfect colour for your blush. Go for shades including rose, deep orange and coral. Go for shimmers with gold tones in evening parties.

Lip colour

Both matte and glossy lip colours can do wonders on the dark complexion. One can opt for dark shades including berry, plums, mauve. Nude shades can also work great. Avoid shades including brown, maroon, brick or mahogany.