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Tips on how to keep your footwear fresh and new

Buy the right footwear, take good care of them, wear them right and stay in fashion always

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Who doesn’t love style and fashion? And, who doesn't want to dress well and look good. Dressing smart, among other things, calls for wearing smart footwear that matches with your clothes. Besides comfort, fancy footwear are designed according to the latest fashion trend.

Every one wants to stay well in trend, and the wardrobes with a good range of shoes in different colours and styles that fit perfectly around the feet.

Of course, branded foot wear are very expensive. It is not just the quality you are charged for but also the technique involved in manufacturing by big brands. Yes, they are worth buying. Your job actually starts the moment you bring them home. The care and maintenance starts right from there.

Don’t take a bargain route. Invest in good quality nice pair.

Buy a quality shoe care kit. Cheap stuff actually does not remove the scuffs. A good kit contains a soft brush, matching polish, stain remover, spray, shampoo, etc. according to the cleaning needs of the shoe you bought.

Avoid stepping in mud or dirt as much as possible.

Avoid extreme heat exposure. Never leave them in a closed car during hot summer season.

On the beach side, never expose your fancy foot wear to salt water. Wear something made of soft rubber there.

Don’t leave your shoes in direct sunlight even if they are wet. Let them dry in air.

Always dry your shoes with a dryer or in air after using them in a cold or rainy weather. It will keep them bacteria free too.

Use a shallow depth discrete shoe cabinet to store shoes in a safe way. Just keep them clean in rows without overlapping one another.

If you follow rotation, label your foot wears to avoid any confusion or mess.

Clean your foot wears after every use with a soft brush or dry cotton cloth. If there is a layer of moisture mixed mud, remove it completely with a dry cloth. All bacteria will also get removed with the mud.

Never polish your shoes with dust or dirt on them. Polish them only after brushing it off. Give a shine after polishing without applying extra force.

Use foot bed cleaners to clean the soles.

Use deodorizing shoe spray to keep the odour away.

Never use water to clean your leather shoes. Just brush off the dust with a soft brush and polish them after every use. You may use leather cleaner, leather balm and neutral cream to give them a shine.

Avoid immersing footwear in water that have gum inside. Water damages the gum and the shoes may also become hard in water.

Wash plastic shoes by hand with soap and water.

To clean canvas sneakers, wash them with fabric shampoo and water by hand. Avoid machine wash.

Brush off the dust on your suede shoes after every use and protect them with a protective suede spray. You may use a good suede eraser to remove the stains.

If your shoes get wet due to rain or any other reason, dry them as soon as possible. Place them in a well-ventilated place for drying. Stuff in a newspaper to soak the water.

In the modern world, men are not behind women when it comes to luxurious shoe shopping. It’s because shoes catch attention. If you are a footwear lover, go for quality brands rather than local made. The difference is worth every penny. All you need to do is take good care and maintenance.