You have a huge empty space around the house. Should you make it lie empty or filled it with flowering plants and fruit giving trees and vegetables? But, why would you take up gardening when you are running against time everyday? Where and how do you create a garden when you are faced with space crunch? And, how would gardening help you?

Well, there is an answer to each of the question on your mind.

All you need is a little time, just a little time, While you have plenty of other things to do, gardening may require just few minutes of your entire day. Quickly till the soil, water the plants in the morning or in the evening or even at night if you are coming home late. 

If you are endowed with a huge space for a garden, deem yourself truly blessed. Make the best of it. Make seasonal flower beds, or grow seasonal vegetables. You can have organic food throughout the year. 

A big space, however, may not be what you need. A small space, just a little corner in the house may be all you need. You can keep few potted plants if you have a small balcony. Make a small potted kitchen garden or flower garden. Basil, tomatoes and chillies are easy to plant and grow well with good amount of watering and sun. You can keep potted plants indoor too. Place them in shade or a sunny place as required.

Now, the most important thing about gardening is its healing power. It is good for the body, mind and soul.

The body movement while gardening can be a good exercise and stress buster. Sweating while working around the garden can help you lose weight and control blood pressure and other heart-related ailments. It is also good for the bones and joints and muscles. 

Potted plants inside the house works as air purifier and can help control indoor pollution. Cactus or green plants are easy to grow and good for indoor use.

Green plants in the room is also said to give you a good night sleep. Those who are suffering from sleeplessness can try keeping small green plants. A big room with space can have bigger plants in the corners.

Having a garden can give you the much needed green environment.Waking up to a green environment is good for the eyes and refreshes the mind. You also contribute to the world environment. Plant a tree and save the world.

Best of all, gardening gives you sweet, priceless pleasure and joy. Nurturing a plant activates the brain and mind. To watch even a single plant grow from seedling to small and big with more leaves each day and find them flowering and giving fruits can give you happiness untold. And, happiness is healing. It heals the mind and body. Such is the thrilling and healing power of gardening.