"Teach your children well… and feed them on your dreams…"

It's not easy. Perhaps, it's one of the toughest things to do–bringing up your children just the way they should grow up, into good human beings. And, no matter which school you send them to, be it the finest school or the most expensive education you provide them or the many wonderful things you do for them, sometimes things fail to work. The possibility of the bad, the good and the ugly persists.

However, as the saying goes, charity begins at home. So parents and guardians play the main role and, as always, it's the basic. How parents nurture a child from the very beginning goes a long way. Little things such as smiles, hugs and learning to say 'thank you' and 'sorry' shapes up a personality. All the small loving gestures you show your kids help them to grow up as loving and kind adults.

As often heard, so it is. Teach your children well. Smile at them and hug them as often as you can. Show them how to pray. Play with them and show them how to have fun. Teach them how to say sorry and thank you. Instill in them good moral values and virtues of good human being. Spend time with them and be there for them as much as possible. Encourage them. Talk positive. Use positive words and create a bright environment around them. Everything in this world and in life has its pros and cons. Show them how to make sunny side up and always help them to see the brighter perspective of things.

Also, expose them to natural environment early. Nature can touch and inspire your child. They can attain qualities like calmness, humanity, gentleness, forgiveness and sacrifice by being closer to nature. Make your child hygiene conscious and teach them the meaning of cleanliness and clean surroundings. Educate them with small hygiene tips such as brushing teeth twice a day, having bath every day and wearing clean washed clothes, washing hands before and after every meal, etc.

Children are sensitive to their surroundings. Situations and circumstances around affect a child as he or she grows up. But all that loving and giving you instill in the child will remain deep within and will always be a part of him or her.