The summer season has just begun and temperature is rising rapidly. Rise in body temperature due to loss of water when the body is exposed to extreme hot and humid climate is quite common during this season. Do not worry! Stay happy and healthy this summer with the magic of some fruits which have cooling and hydrating properties. You can consume these fruits simply just like eating their flesh or by making their pulp or juice. You can add them to salads, chats, milk shakes etc. These fruits have so much beneficial qualities to beat the heat and prevent heat stroke, dehydration, stomach problems and other summer-related health issues.

There are many delicious ways to incorporate these fruits in myriad of summer-special recipes. Here is the list of these fruits:

Raw mango: Raw mangoes are full of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants. We all love raw mangoes and the most popular way to use this tangy fruit during summer is ‘aam panna’. The cool khatta-meetha aam panna made from this ‘kachchi kairi’ is a yummy and healthy thirst quencher. Refreshing and aromatic mint leaves full of medicinal properties are added to this drink to make it more beneficial to drink during summer. However, raw mangoes can be used to make pickle, chutney and many other flavourful side dishes, the list goes on. They help cure morning sickness, drowsiness and gives the body an energy boost that keeps you active throughout the day. Eating raw mangoes in panna form reduces the risk of getting affected due to intense heat and prevents dehydration by providing the body with enough iron, water and salt content.

Sugarcane: Being rich in carbohydrates, protein, iron, potassium and other essential nutrients, sugarcane is ideal to eat in summer. Its juice is extremely nourishing. It builds up depleting levels of energy and counters dehydration and fatigue. The laxative properties of this fruit treats acidity, constipation and stomach burns. Sugarcane in any form replenishes your body well during summer.

Watermelon: Watermelon is 92 percent water. It contains carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, iron and calcium. This fruit is healthy, refreshing and cooling. The water content and natural sugar of the fruit keeps replenishing the body when eaten regularly during summer season. It protects skin from sun damage.

Tender coconut: The soft and fleshy fruit contains water which makes for a perfect summer cooler. It balances acid levels and keeps the body system cool. The water inside the fruit is very nutritious thirst quencher. It is a good electrolyte and can be used in conditions of dehydration and thirst. The flesh of coconut is coolant and nourishing in nature.

Bel fruit: It is one of the most preferred fruit to beat the heat during summer season. It boosts immune system. Consuming bel fruit in any form destroys parasites in the gut and treats digestive disorders. The laxative property of the fruit helps in relieving constipation, indigestion, dysentery, discomfort and stomach ache. The high protein level in the fruit helps boost energy and keeps you rejuvenated during the hot weather. Bel can cool down your body. You can eat the sweet flesh of the fruit or take out its juice to have a refreshing drink.

In summer one should particularly add these fruits to their diet. From keeping the body cool to boosting digestion, these summer cooling fruits are packed with a number of health benefits.

This summer make sure you do not miss these hydrating fruits.