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Valentine’s Day: Denims to be gifted to your partner

Stand out among the clutter and give a unique gift to your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Abhishek Yadav | New Delhi |

Stand out among the clutter and give a unique gift to your partner this Valentine’s Day. Reach out for a pair of cool denims as we have our exclusive guide ready to get you the perfect one. You can hardly go wrong with this choice as a gift as denim is a favourite among all; age, lifestyle, profession no bar! Classic jeans are revamped this season.

Denim basics and work wear are fine-tuned in an artistic way. Denim is a super dependable as an apparel choice as it is ultra-cool, playful, and most importantly, it does not compromise on the comfort factor. Perfect for a lunch date or just a chilling scene with your partner, this unconventional piece of clothing always has your back and you can always count on it.

Doodles and slogans are the new hep trend in town. These sketchy statement trends are a big time runway success with slogans and doodle prints. These are better reserved this season and doubles up as a walking sketchbook of sorts. Hand-painted like details, badges, inscriptions, messages and graphics whether literal or abstract, all have a place in this trend. The trend is to be yourself and show your inner- self-confidently.

Distressed and worn denim are ongoing and it can never go wrong trend for jeans lovers. This V-day, the trend is moving one step up and mending those torn and rugged jeans is getting on as fashion.

Different patterns, stitching techniques and patching fabrics are being used to create a wide range of these up-cycled denim products. What has been ruling the fashion industry is the relaxed tailoring breaking static fashion wear for men’s wear. Joggers as a trend are getting revamped by adding new washed and giving a complete different look and feel to the existing trendy product.

The athleisure is here to stay and this particular look has been around for ages and this denim trend has cemented itself in men’s wardrobes for at least a few more upcoming years. A five pocket jeans is an evergreen product, which never goes out of fashion. You never go wrong with a pair of classic indigo jeans or for that matter any garment made out of good quality denim fabric. A good pair of denim is a forever fashion product in anyone’s wardrobe.

Also a pair of raw washed jeans, which is dark in shade is good for semi-formal occasions and is good for evening get together, when teamed with a right pair of shirt or jacket. Light and mid shades of blue jeans is a perfect day wear product. These are a must have; be it any season.

(The author Abhishek Yadav is design head at Spykar Lifestyle)