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Are you in a happy place?

‘Beauty to me is not about hair and make-up as much as it is about how I’m feeling inside and the place I’m at in my life.’

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi | Updated :

There are things of beauty and there are beautiful looking people. And there are beautiful people with beautiful mind. But what, according to you, is beauty?

True, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So each sees beauty in different things and in strange places. But are you in a happy place in your life? If you have been struggling to look good, perhaps, you need to be in a happy place, for beauty resides in a happy place deep within your heart.

“Beauty to me is not about hair and make-up as much as it is about how I’m feeling inside and the place I’m at in my life,” said Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston as quoted by reports.

That good feeling inside can be your best beauty factor.  The beauty that is in you never fails to show up on your face. So they say your face is your mirror. Whatever is deep within you reflects on your face.

Given man’s eternal desire to look good and constant struggles with the aging process, the beauty industry has been flooding markets the world over with endless varieties of cosmetics and beauty products.

Of course, there are homemade beauty remedies and solutions too. And one can find thousands of beauty tips on the net – DIY, simple and easy tips for the skin, eyes, lips. hair, sparkling teeth…

However, the real you lies beneath all that packs of make-up on your face and skin. And there’s no way you can escape aging if you are blessed to live long and grow old. Hence, what you feel inside is important. That childlike, youthful feeling keeps you looking young and beautiful.

The beautiful within you is what makes you look and be beautiful. No matter what, to the person who loves you, you will always be beautiful. So just let your hair down. Don’t worry about your hair or your make-up. Wear a smile and look charming and attractive.

After all, true beauty is not about how one looks on the outside, not the exterior appearance, but what is deep inside. The things that make you smile, composed and poised.  Where did you think that ever graceful look come from? No make-up can give you that eternal graceful beauty.  It’s just you, the graceful you.

Our lives are filled with both bad and good, ups and downs.  Just don’t let the bad get you or the downs drag you down. Change your outlook and perceptions about things. Surely, it will help you to feel positive and happy about many things. There’s beauty in everything. What you see is what you get. So stop looking at the cracks. Look at the beautiful sun rays that streak through the cracks.

Yes, thank God for the hearts of gold that resides in beautiful people. They make the world a better place to live. They inspire. They give hope to the lost. They light the way and help you walk better each day. You too can be the inspiration and the hope to many suffering and battling with the wrong notion of beauty.

Life is beautiful, and beautiful people can see and feel the beauty of it all.