We all love an occasional night out with our partner to pamper them and shower them with love. Amidst the busy lives and never-ending work schedules due to WFH, it can get difficult to take out quality time to show them that we care.

The season of love is here to give us an opportunity to do something fun for them. So, this Valentine’s Day, transform your home into a series of cozy date venues with your existing furniture and other paraphernalia at home or order it online to cut down the risk of venturing out in crowded places.

Furniture experts suggest these simple, DIY hacks on setting up cozy corners in the house ranging from a romantic rooftop dinner to a binge-watch session for fuzzy rom-coms and cuddle up with your significant other while cheering a glass of wine. Assemble all the items listed below and start prepping for the big day.

8 am – Breakfast in Bed

Start Valentine’s day by surprising your partner with an elaborate breakfast in bed. Prepare their favourite meal and add a flower to give it a romantic touch! Take out the tray tables or portable laptop tables and eat your breakfast in bed. Make your partner feel like you’re in a fancy hotel!

12 pm – Binge-watcher’s paradise

What is Valentine’s day without a movie marathon? Follow up the breakfast in bed with a movie marathon. If you and your partner are cinephiles, this setup will surely make them excited! Elevate it by making it special and different from the normal by setting the scene by placing the mattress on the floor and adding lots of blankets and pillows for extra comfort. Keep your popcorn ready and watch a romantic movie from the era you grew up in or the first movie you saw together.

6 pm – Bring your favourite bar home

Just when your partner is overwhelmed with the surprises, turn on the party vibe! If you and your partner enjoy double-dates or enjoy each other’s company with loud music and endless supply of your favourite drinks, this setting is perfect for you. You can also clear out your coffee table and bring out your favourite board games. Enjoy the board games and playful moments with your other half and use this as a chance to spend one-on-one time together while doing something different.

9 pm – Ambient rooftop date

End your Valentine’s day with a rooftop dinner date. If you are one of those lucky ones who have a spacious balcony or accessible rooftops, all you need is good food and ambient music to set the mood right. Pick a corner that has a charming view of the skyline, take any table and chairs you have at home or even use your study table and cover it with a nice tablecloth. Set the mood by pulling out the good crockery, lighting candles and playing soft background music. Plan the menu according to what works best for you, you can cook together with your partner or order-in.

All day – Hidden treasure by the window

For the couples who need nothing but the comfort of each other’s company, this setup will leave your partner mesmerised. Enjoy stargazing through the window or appreciate the clear blue sky, lost in a conversation, curled up in a blanket with slow jazz playing in the background. This setup is extremely easy to do and can be a permanent corner in your house. Set up a sofa by the window that is both tasteful as well as comfortable, throw in some cushions, a set of floor lamps, a side table, some floral curtains to go with the decor and you are done.

(The inputs are from Kanchan Mishra, Senior Director, Furniture, Beauty, Personal Care, Baby care at Flipkart)