Need help getting to sleep? Make your bedroom a healthier sleeping environment keeping few living breathing greens. Plants are not just for beautification but they are highly beneficial for healthy sleeping patterns too. They also help calm your exhausted mind and body. Choose the right plants for your bedroom and keep sleeping disorders at bay.

Aloe Vera: This plant is commonly used to treat insomnia. People may actually feel asleep faster or a better quality of sleep after keeping this plant in their bedroom. Because of its super natural properties, it purifies air and suck away the pollutants. These pollutants are a big obstacle in sound sleep as they trigger allergies and respiratory disorders.

Lavender: Lavender is one of the best sleeping aids. Put dried lavender buds in a sachet and slip it under your pillow while sleeping. You may insert dried lavender buds directly in your pillow also. Heat it up and place it over your eyes. You will sleep sound in a relaxing mode. You may also make up a water based spritzer with lavender essential oil. Spritz it on your pillow before going to bed and have a great sleep.

Gardenia: The blooms will fill your home with a magical aroma and soothe you in a peaceful slumber. The plant needs a bit of extra effort in its tending. Yet, it is worth of it. These pants induce a better sleep through their scent. The glossary evergreen leaves and fragrant blossoms are a great choice for your bedroom.

Jasmine plant: The exotic plant helps in quality sleep soothing mind and body with its scent and air purification quality.

Snake plant: It is one of the most efficient plant to improve oxygen purity in home. It is easy to care with minimum maintenance cost. Perfect to keep in bedroom for a healthy sleep as it emits oxygen at night and takes in carbon dioxide that we exhale.                                                                          

A purer quality of air leads to a better night’s sleep. A good sleep is very essential to health and happiness. Don’t forget these plants for oxygenating your bedroom. Think again. Here’s the truth of the greens to help provide good sleep.