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Sip on fine wine, gorge on authentic Chinese delicacies at China Club

Chinese aren’t very big on desserts, although the restaurant does offer a few options.

IANS | Gurugram |

Head to the China Club here to savour authentic Chinese delicacies in a fine wine and dine set-up with simple and classy interiors. Dishes with duck, poultry and pork will delight the non-vegetarians and there’s much to try for vegetarians too.

The appetizers set the momentum going for a hearty meal. Stir fried asparagus with dried chilli and Ya Cai was as tempting and tasty in the vegetarian menu, and crispy fried prawns with ginger in the non-vegetarian section was a delight. However, if you don’t want to indulge in fried food, then sauteed sliced lamb with black pepper and capsicum is a good option.

Don’t come looking for “Manchurian” here.

Yuan Sheng, the Master Chef, told IANS: “The clientele here is mostly well travelled and exposed to international, authentic Chinese menu that we provide to our patrons. Still, sometimes we do receive such requests (of street food style spicy Chinese). However, the staff is well-trained to explain the authenticity of the food at our restaurant and recommend dishes to them, keeping in mind their palate.”

Asked if people are open to experimenting as the restaurant also offers pork, lamb, duck and crab besides chicken meat, Sheng said: “Yes. Once they are explained the cuisine and the various offerings available, they are more than willing to leave things to the attendant who is able to recommend dishes after understanding their likes and dislikes.”

There are a variety of options for vegetarians — dispelling the misconception that “pure Chinese food” is all about different meats. Some of the preparations include sauteed bean curd, tofu, eggplant, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and sauteed vegetables, in different sauces like the good old chilli sauce, oyster sauce, bean curd and Szechuan special sauce.

The braised eggplant with Szechwan special sauce and boiled dumpling with chicken in spicy chilli sauce were my heroes.

The perfect dumplings were a delight in the spicy sauce. Even though it was hot, it left a lasting taste. Tip: Even if your food looks spicy, give it a try. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

The braised eggplant is a must-try even if you prefer non-vegetarian because it melts in the mouth. To enjoy this dish, don’t forget to sip on your red wine or whiskey on the rocks after a few bites.

Home-style sliced chicken with black fungus is another recommended dish.

As for the fish, I tried the steamed basa with soy. It is for those with an acquired taste. Steamed basa is always a very healthy choice and it has an interesting taste when paired with red wine.

Coming down to the sweet section, it is important to understand that Chinese aren’t very big on desserts, although the restaurant does offer a few options.

“The general offerings would typically be sweet dimsum or fresh fruits. However, we still offer a variety of international desserts, the popular amongst them being caramelized fruit toffee dipped in brandy and hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream,” Yuan said.


Where: China Club, Lobby Level, Tower C, Global Business Park, MG Road, Gurugram

Timings: 12 p.m to 3 p.m, 7 p.m to 11 p.m

Price: Rs 2,400 (approx) for two people, exclusive of applicable taxes and charges; Rs 320 for a pint of beer