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Recipe: Sunshine fruity juicy mock tail

Recipe: Sunshine fruity juicy mock tail

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Sipping on a chilled fruity-flavoured drink puts you in a rejuvenating mood during summer time. Mock tail is a family-friendly alternative to boring beverages and alcoholic drinks.

In summers, our fridge is loaded with a variety of ready made fruit juices which  have the wholesome goodness of real fruits. Pineapple, orange and mango are few popular summery flavours to quench your thirst and leave you craving for more. Here is the recipe of a brightly-coloured fruit juice mock tail that is an absolute delight for pool parties and the best beverage choice for random catch-ups at home. Whip up this alcohol-free mock tail ‘pineapple, orange and mango delight’ to keep you chill and hydrated in summer heat.

Serves: 4


Preparation time: 15 minutes


Pineapple juice: 1 cup

Orange juice: 1 cup

Mango juice: 1 cup

Lemon juice: 4 tsp

Strawberry crush: 6 tbsp

Soda: 500 ml

Mango ice cream: 6 tbsp

Crushed ice: 1 cup


Chill all the three juices in refrigerator for four to five hours. At the time of serving, take out the juices from the refrigerator and blend them together for a minute adding strawberry crush, lemon juice and ice cream in a food processor. Add crushed ice and blend for one more minute.

Fill four tall glasses three-fourth with this blended mixture. Top each glass with chilled soda. Stir a little and garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry on the rim of each glass. Serve immediately.

Tip: Freeze little amount of juices and use them as ice cubes that would not dilute your drink. It will keep your mock tail colder for longer.