Don’t forget the radio this Holi. Your loyal friend is not just a handy in times of traffic and smouldering summer heat, but a voice that encourages responsible citizenship, solves relationship problems and, most of all, shares your love for music.

Apart from playing the classic Holi tunes for you to groove on tomorrow, radio stations in India are excited to celebrate Holi with their listeners through a multitude of activities.

India’s largest radio network, Radio City, has planned various on-air and social media activities for the listeners in Rajasthan and Mumbai.

Through the campaign City Ki Taane, Radio City aims to celebrate the festival of colours in the most unique way.

Radio City will air fun, quirky, and sarcastic content covering the celebrities who garnered negative publicity last year. This will also be amplified digitally through funny videos. This campaign will run in cities such as Udaipur, Kota and Bikaner.

Radio City team will giveaway tree saplings to the listeners in Jaipur and Ajmer, and urge them to plant the saplings in and around their societies.

In Mumbai, the channel has planned a unique on-air activity, Burra toh Maano Holi Hai, through which it aims to encourage responsible citizenship by giving out the do’s and dont’s of playing Holi such as avoiding drunken driving and not harming animals during the celebrations.

The station will also play contests with listeners and gratify them with passes for Holi parties across the city.