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Pan-Asian dining experience

The Orient restaurant in Kolkata is creating a menu that is subtly spicy and leaves one wanting more

Zara Ryan |

The Poila Boishak Special Lunch Buffet with a twist is The Orient’s ode to the city’s Bengali New Year celebrations. Located in City Centre, Salt Lake and City Centre, New Town, the restaurant pays homage to the flavours of Indonesia and Thailand- creating a fine experience.

The muted light and rich reds of the decor are elegantly complimented by the authenticity of the food served. A wide variety of dumplings on offer include a delectably tender chicken sui mai, vibrant asparagus and water chestnut, broccoli cashew nut dumpling, and edamame with tofu har gao.


Cocunut Milk Palm Sugar Custard Cocunut Ice Cream
Cocunut Milk Palm Sugar Custard Cocunut Ice Cream


These dumplings are one mouth wonders and are as colourful as they are tasty. A wide variety of shrimps, prawns, octopus, and squid were incorporated keeping in mind the city’s love for fish and other sea food.

The Thai green curry is a must-try along with the chicken satay and nasi goring, which is traditional to Indonesian cuisine and is a highlight of the menu on display.

If one is adventurous and a lover of sea-food then the crispy octopus with balachung kway or crispy fried shrimp in a spicy chilli concoction will leave ones taste buds salivating for more.

For dessert, the coconut milk and palm sugar crusted coconut ice cream is a cool, refreshing ending to the meal. “The Orient does not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in any of the food prepared and incorporates less oil, keeping in mind the health requirements of its patrons,” said Chef Ghanshyam Das.


Thai green curry with twist cook chicken
Thai green curry with twist cook chicken


The ingredients used include some exotic variants such as miso paste (fermented soy beans and salt), sake, mirin, (rice wine condiments that are traditional to Japanese cuisine), enoki and shiitake mushrooms and most recently quail eggs which are exclusive and not widely used in any other restaurants in the city.

The menu will be available till today as a special buffet as well as a la carte on other days.