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Nobody cares about good looks if you are confident: Ridhima Bhasin

Fashion designer Ridhima Bhasin, who has designed outfits for actresses like Karishma Kapoor and Tanisha Mukherji, believes that good looks eventually fade away.

Daman Bhasin | New Delhi |

Fashion designer Ridhima Bhasin, who has designed outfits for actresses like Karishma Kapoor and Tanisha Mukherji, believes that good looks eventually fade away but if you are confident then nobody will care about your looks.

In an interview to, Ridhima shares details of her journey in the world of fashion, what is the most important task for a designer and why she prefers confidence over good looks. Excerpts;

At what point of time did you decide to pick fashion designing as a career option?

Fashion Design as my career option was a motivation from my family. My mother being into the same business, which was followed by my sister, urged me to get into a career that was coming through family.

Working as designer for women’s wear was always fascinating and I got encouragement from the family.

What is the most crucial task for a fashion designer?

The most important task in the fashion industry is to stay in trend.

How has been your journey in the world of fashion?

The journey started from experimenting and curating new designs and it goes on. It has always amazed me how things change from a plain fabric to designer wear.

Tell us something about your latest collection, ‘Fleur Ory’?

As a designer, the architecture of various places really takes a toll on me. Persian tombs, the painting on the walls, the use of shades, Afghani culture and all other architectural aspects from various places really inspires me. A lot of my embroideries and the shades that I use in the collections are very well inspired by the shapes of such places.

Do you think people should follow the trend or stick with their own dressing style when it comes to making a statement?

Being yourself and being comfortable in what you are is very necessary but also following the trend is important too. The best way to go about it is to wear silhouettes which make you feel comfortable but twist it in terms of styling, embroideries, shades and details in terms of trends.

How does it feel, when you see popular Bollywood celebs appreciate your creations?

Bollywood celebrities have a big impact on fashion industry as what they wear comes in trend and it also helps us to be in trend. A celeb appreciating the creation is of high importance as what they wear helps us in knowing the kind of creations will work in the industry

In your opinion, what is more important while walking the ramp, confidence or good looks?

Good looks will fade away if confidence is not there but if you are confident, no one will care about your looks.

Who do you look up to as your inspiration for stepping in the world of fashion?

Anamika Khanna

You have designed special outfits for actress like Karishma Kapoor and Tanisha Mukherjee, but any favourite pick among the celebs that you want to see wearing your creation?

All celebs are dear to designers, there is no special pick for me as all of them are beautiful in their own way.

Do you think the western culture is taking over the ethnicity of our dressing sense?

India is a country where cultures changes every few kilometres. Different city, different tradition and looks. We appreciate and welcome other cultures but the authenticity of our own twist to the outfits will never fade away.