After Priyanka Chopra’s photoshopped underarms and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s skin tone lightening attracted backlash from audiences, another actor’s magazine look has triggered a massive debate. Kareena Kapoor Khan recently shot for a leading fashion magazine, Grazia.

Her picture in a pastel blue romper was shared by the magazine’s official Instagram handle recently.

The picture taken on an unkempt bed revealed the actress’ attitude and toned legs. Though, what stood out and attracted much attention was the amount of retouching that her legs received.

Comments like,” So much photoshop”, “Itna syada retouch kiya hai ki knees gayab ho gayi”, “You just photoshopped her legs to half the size of her actual legs! Are you guys for real?” and “You should be ashamed for projecting such unreal standards, in this day and age, where now apparently women need to make their knees disappear!” among many others.

Popular fashion critic who remains anonymous, Diet Sabya, also addressed the issue through an Instagram story that said, “She’s so beautiful why did they have to edit the picture so much,, and by that i mean they forhot to edit the calves in the shadow behind!”

Unrealistic pictures of perfect bodies and beauty standards that do not match reality have been frequently questioned from all across the world.

( Instagram Story/@dietsabya)