A unique four-day Photobook Festival, ‘The Kitab’, concluded its latest edition in Varanasi.

After having organised successful editions in the past which were dedicated to the transgender community, slum communities, women in the Himalayas, The Kitab held a photography exhibition in the holy city of Varanasi. This edition was specially dedicated to the sex-worker community in Shivdaspur area of Varanasi.

The festival presented four photo books on different subjects including Shahrzad Darafsheh Half-Light, Ganga Miniature by Smita Daryani, Experimental Relationships by Pixy Liao and Assembly by Osamu Yokonami.

Founder of The Kitab, Manik Katyal, a lawyer by profession, felt proud of the work that his organisation had done in the last two years.

“We feel proud of the work that we have done in last 2 years where we have organised 7 editions and 51 exhibitions dedicated to marginalised communities like transgender communities, slum dwellers, women in the Himalayas. Our Varanasi edition had a special focus on the sex worker community in Shivdaspur area of Benares,” said Manik.