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Fight depression, find joy in simple living

Today, many things have lost their meaning, and it's becoming difficult for people to find contentment and peace.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |


Today, many things have lost their meaning. Be it relations, work, passion, leisure and so on. And it is becoming difficult for people to find contentment and peace in this stressfull fast-paced modern life.

Simple life has faded away. Most people are in a state of restlessness and depression that leads to several health issues.

People have lost the ability to appreciate simple things. In this hi-tech time, they are spending more time on the internet and modern gadgets. It can be detrimental to their physical and mental health and thier skills.

School life has also become more of a drudgery with lot of emphasis on academic achievements. The wild parties revolve around smoking, alcohol, sex and drugs. It’s ruining the society as a whole. There can be seen more racial segregation and mistrust in the world.

Modern life has lost innocence and real fun. Decency has slipped away. The game of wanting more ‘n’ more and complaining is being played everywhere. Despite all the luxurious conditions, it seems never ending. Very few can be seen interested in slow hobbies like reading, painting, gardening or cooking etc. There is more impatience and boredom even after spending lavishly.

The materialistic things do not determine the real and permanent happiness and peace. Embrace your life wisely as it comes. Be more aware of your surroundings. It helps in avoiding panic attacks and crippling anxieties. Achieve inner peace, contentment and true joy with following tips.

Plan each day and simplify your schedule. It will lead to less stress and more productivity. Adding little structure to your life, enable yourself to stay on the right track. Keep your mind focussed and look at the bigger picture that matters to your healthy life the most. Do one thing at one time. Split the massive jobs into smaller chunks. Avoid arguments and unrest and create a balanced life.

Practice meditation for few minutes every day. It is a simple process that takes just a little time with the potential to transform life. This source of creation will bring health, dynamism, peace and well-being to cope with the hectic pace of modern life.

Be creative. Develop a hobby that may give you self-efficacy. Discover a creative outlet that keeps your brain engaged. Look forward to something you are passionate about. You will have fun and unsullied happiness. It can be as simple as nurturing a plant, picking up a book, reacquainting yourself with your kitchen and many more. Think beyond earning all the time. Take out time to do work you love.

Avoid people and situations that trigger negativity. Take a break from them and decide later if you want to invite them back into your life. Toxic people are like bad investments. They steal your hopes and dreams you worked so hard for.

Express what’s inside you. Get a creative outlet through art, writing, painting, dance or music.

Stop stressing yourself by being a YES MAN. Trying to tackle everything that’s thrown at you is like swallowing a big elephant. Just learn to say NO.

Have a blast at weekends. Enjoy doing the things to have a great time and a lot of fun. It’s incredible.

Beware before you fall into great depression and suffering. Only you will have to pay the heavy price for your unwise lifestyle. It’s time to count blessings not the glooms.

Bye-bye depression!