Go organic this Holi, play safe

Avoid using synthetic clours. Buy organic ones for this Holi celebration. Play safe, make merry and stay healthy.

Go organic this Holi, play safe

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One cannot imagine Holi without colours? Colours are the life and vitality of the festival. They are the most joyous part, making a beautiful rainbow sight and cheering up moods.

According to mythology, the colourful Indian God, Lord Krishna started the tradition of colours in the country. He was dark in colour and his soulmate Radha was very fair. Being jealous with her fair complexion, he started playing the game of applying different colours on her skin. Later, it turned out to be a full-fledged festival.

Holi is round the corner. You all must be set to buy colours. Beware of the chemical induced ones. They are health hazardous, sometimes even leading to death. Virtually making the participants unrecognisable by applying herbal colours is a good idea to exchange Holi greetings. Invest in branded sealed packets of herbal colours. Open the packet and smell it to check if it is contaminated with chemicals or not. The smell will easily tell you if it is not eco-friendly. Read the instructions and ingredients carefully before buying. Organic are definitely a safe option and conserve environment too. On the other hand, chemical induced colours are dark, strong and oil based. They may contain glass powder. Keep this poisonous powder or liquid away from you and your dear ones.


Ill effects of using chemical based colours:-

Skin: Allergy, rashes, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, skin discolouration, skin cancer etc.

Eyes: Allergy, redness, watering, soreness, puffiness, weakening eyesight, temporary or permanent blindness.

Hair: Scalp allergy, hair fall, hair dryness, itchiness etc.

Other health issues: Mental retardation, risk of miscarriage, ill effects on fetal growth, paralysis, bronchial asthma, weak bones, fever,  bad effects on metabolism function etc.

Say no to these harmful chemicals and make your own herbal colours at home

Red: Dry pomegranate peel and rose petals. Process them together in powder form. Use dry as colour with lovely fragrance or mix in water.

Yellow: Dry marigold petals and process in powder form. Mix them along with besan, sandalwood powder and little amount of turmeric powder. Your aromatic colour for Holi is ready. Mix it in water to make it coloured.

Green: Mix mehendi powder with little flour. Use it as dry herbal green colour. You may dissolve it in water too.

Orange: Dry orange peels. Process in powder form and use as colour for playing Holi.

Majanta water: Grate beet root in water and boil for few minutes. Leave for five to six hours. Strain and use to play Holi splashing safe coloured water on each-other.

Green water: Process green leafy vegetable like spinach, mint etc. into fine paste and mix in water. Get ready to drench in it safely.

Saffron water: Boil Palash flowers in water. Leave for few hours. Strain and use to make the environment more romantic.

Be cautious on Holi. Play safe and stay healthy. Splash herbal colours and water, after all  ‘BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI’.