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Gita Jayanti – A Grand Celebration of the Birth of Bhagwad Gita

The essence of life is laid in Srimad Bhagwad Gita starting from the beginning of life to a point when lifecycle finally ends in cosmic system

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Bhagwad Gita is the sacred scripture in Hindu religion. It contains invaluable advice of Lord Krishna that he proffered to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra on the first day of the 18-day battle of Mahabharata. When Arjuna refused to fight against his blood relations,  the Kauravas, in the battle, Lord Krishna illustrated the truth of life and the philosophy of Karma and Dharma to him. Hereby, the world’s greatest scriptures ‘Srimad Bhagwad Gita’ came into existence.

Gita Jayanti is the annual celebration to commemorate the birth of this holy book having enormous philosophical, practical, political, psychological and spiritual value. According to traditional Hindu calendar, it falls on the Ekadashi day of Shukla Paksha or the bright half of the Margashirsha month. The day is celebrated with great devotion and dedication across the country and around the world by the faithful. The celebration includes reading of Bhagwad Gita , discussions and seminars by eminent scholars and Hindu priests. The aim is to make people aware of various facets of the holy book and its perpetual influence on humankind. Special prayers are conducted in Lord Krishna’s and Lord Vishnu’s temples.

Gita Mahotsava
(Photo: SNS)

Gita Jayanti is also celebrated as Mokshada Ekadashi. On this day devotees observe fast and on Dwadashi tithi, they break fast after taking bath and performing Krishna puja. It is considered very auspicious to visit the land of Kurukshetra on this pious day. There is a ritual of having bath in the hallowed water of the sacred ponds – Sannihit Sarovar and Brahm Sarovar. The land of Kurukshetra is considered to be sacred not only because of the battle of Mahabharata and the birthplace of Bhagwad Gita but also for writing ‘Manusmriti’ here by famous sage Manu and the composition of Rig and Sama Veda on this place. The visit of Lord Krishna, Gautam Budha and the Sikh Gurus also make this land truly divine.

On this occasion, a fair named ‘Gita Jayanti Samaroh’ is organised in kurukshetra every year. The fair that lasts for about a week has gained immense popularity and a large number of devotees and tourists participate in this grand event.

At the temples of ISKCON, mass recitation of the Bhagwad Gita is performed throughout the day with the special offerings to Lord Krishna.

Cosmic facts contained in sacred Bhagwad Gita of Hinduism can never be belied!