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There are many skincare treatments, but experts say the best one is to find the right diet and exercise regularly.

Threety Irani & Nilufer Babaycon | Kolkata |

Q. My cheeks have a lot of hair on them and I have been advised to remove the hair with laser treatment. As I have a very sensitive skin I am afraid to do laser. Should I do threading/waxing instead? Why do I have this problem as I cannot understand? Nilima, Kolkata

This could be due to genetic or hormonal reasons. First, get your hormones test done. If your reports are clear, then I would suggest you go in for laser treatment, because it will reduce 90-95 per cent of the hair. It is a safe and effective treatment and will not affect your skin anyway.

Q I am 28 -years-old and already find that I have static lines on my forehead. I also have a lot of lines around my eyes and when I smile or laugh, the lines seem to be getting deeper. Another problem is that I have dark circles and am beginning to feel like a much older person. What can I do about it? Sanaya, Kolkata

One way you can make the lines look less obvious is by hydrating these areas more with hydrating creams. Also, use a good outer eye cream if used regularly twice a day they help a great deal. Try to get six to seven hours of sleep at night and avoid rubbing the skin under your eyes. If you are a person who spends hours in front of a computer every day, make sure you wear UV protective glasses.

Q I am a 32-years-old woman and am not a fat person. My arms and the top of my body and my legs
are normal but I have lumps of fat on my thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Why is this caused and what can I do to take it away permanently as they look very bad. Swagata Sinha, Kolkata

This is called cellulite and is formed when subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that is found just beneath the skin gets
trapped in pockets, giving an uneven look. It is usually found in the thighs, abdomen and buttocks just as you have. There are many treatments for this but the best one is to find the right diet and to exercise regularly.