Q. My job required me to read a lot and my eyes feel very tired at the end of the day. What can I do to look after my eyes? I use eye makeup. Is this can be the reason for it?
Hasina, Kolkata

If you use eye makeup all day then remove it at night and never go to sleep with it however tired you may be. To do stress your eye look up and away at a distant point every half an hour or so to give your eyes a rest.

This will prevent eye strain. Also wear sun- glasses when going out to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and if you are a swimmer always wear goggles when you are in the water to prevent the harmful effects of chlorine.


Q. I use a cleansing milk to clean my face but am told that using milk as a cleanser is very good. Is this true?
Anamika Singh, Kolkata

Yes, milk is both a cleanser and softener for your skin. Soak a slice of bread in a little milk and then rub it on your face. It will start crumbling but keep pressing the pieces against the skin and rub gently.

Then wash off with water. You can use a left over chapattis instead of bread. Apart from cleansing it brings brightness to the skin and makes it glow.

Q. I am 35 years old and lead a hectic life taking care of my home, children and a demanding job. I feel it is affecting my skin as it looks dull and has no lustre. What should I do to make it look bright and shiny?
N Dasgupta, Kolkata

There are three main ingredients needed to have a good skin — a well balanced diet, a correct routine of skin care and a good night’s sleep. For your diet make sure you have a correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals.

If you are not sure how to balance your diet get the help of a dietician and ask her to what you should eat to maintain a good skin. Make sure you use the correct products for your type of skin. Cleanse it thoroughly at night and always use a moisturiser during the day and a sunscreen when you are out.