Daily salad eaters have higher levels of certain disease-fighting antioxidants. Salad helps us to remain healthy and fit. For the ones, who have recently joined their gym session would love to eat salads. Here is a quick easy-to-make recipe for the salad lovers.


Tomatoes: 3/4 pound (about 2 cups)

Peeled cucumber: 2 cups diced (from about 1 large)

1 Red bell pepper: 1 cup (from about 1 large)

Kalamata olives or other brine-cured black olives: ¼ cup

Red onion: ¼ cup

Chopped fresh Italian parsley: 3 tbsp

Extra-virgin olive oil: 3 tbsp

Red wine vinegar: 1 ½ tbsp

Dried oregano: ½ tbsp

Crumbled feta cheese: ¼ cup


Mix together the cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, onion and lettuce. Add the black and green olives, garlic and feta cheese. Peel the cucumber, halve the green bell pepper lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and dice the flesh. Put the vinegar and olive oil into a jar with the capers and a pinch of sugar and season with salt and ground black pepper. Seal and shake to mix. Toss the dressing into the salad and serve sprinkled with the basil.

(Recipe courtesy: Ashish Singh)