Bay leaves are used in many dishes. The culinary herb is best known to add flavour and aroma to the food. It offers an excellent addition to season a bouquet of dishes, in many cuisines around the globe. In India, it is commonly used even in tea.

Today, the food tastes of people have changed enormously with globalization. There is an increased use of bay leaf consumption in most of the kitchens across the world. This natural flavouring element is used most often used in dried form and sometimes fresh and whole. But, it has to be removed from the dish after cooking as its sharp edges if chewed may cause harm to the soft tissues of the mouth and throat. Apart from being an essential flavouring agent, it is important to have in your kitchen as a healing agent too.

Bay leaves help in promoting digestion and may cure digestive disorders.

By dropping the sugar levels in the body, they provide protection against type-2 diabetes.

Being rich in phytonutrients, bay leaves are effective in treating cardio vascular diseases very effectively. They may regulate the functioning of heart and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The anti-cancerous properties in bay leaf provide resistance against different types of cancer.

Boil few bay leaves in one glass of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink it every day to get rid of pains caused by rheumatism arthritis, migraine, headache and sprains.

Drinking hot rinse made from induced bay leaves may treat cold, cough, sneezing and fever.

Its regular consumption helps in having regular and normal menstrual periods. It may also cure vaginal discharge.

If you want to have a sound sleep, you may mix a few drops of bay leaf extract in water and drink before going to bed.

Having high nutritional value and natural anti-oxidants, they may boost immune system by removing free radicals from the body and regulating the metabolism.

Bay leaves offer herbal healing benefits for skin and hair. Its oil has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that may ease skin infections, bruises, cuts and insect bites. To treat hair fall, dandruff and lice, you may boil 200 grams of bay leaves in one litre of water until it remains one-fourth. Massage your scalp with this water and leave for half an hour before washing off. It is a miraculous remedy for these problems.

Explore new tastes and enjoy good health with bay leaves in different cuisines.