India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has seen a major shift in consumer preferences in the recent years. The increasing disposable incomes and brand awareness are driving the textile industry.

Fashion designers have been efficiently contributing their share towards the transformation of the entire fashion industry.

In the recent years, it has witnessed an upsurge in the job opportunities for fashion graduates. The degree in fashion, nowadays, is not limited to a career in designing. Surprisingly, there are a number of options which an aspirant can commence with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion.

Fashion designer: Every aspirant pursuing a fashion degree aims to become a successful designer. This is a premium profile where a candidate works on a new line of clothing and fashion.

Though it is a dream job, not every student is lucky enough to grab the position in the industry. The role is tremendously demanding and the sector is extensively competitive. A fashion designer either works for companies or they set up their private ventures in the form of fashion outlets, boutiques, etc.

Retail manager: Maximising profits while minimising costs is what retail managers’aim for. They are responsible for running day-to-day operations of a store or department.

Also, they ensure the accuracy of the promotions being conducted by the company followed with monitoring staff’s performance for daily targets.

Some other responsibilities of a retail manager are concerned with customer service, finance, logistics, marketing and human resources.

Fashion business advisor: One of the most emerging profiles in the recent times is that of a fashion business advisor. He/she works efficiently with organisations to provide them with professional consultation in accordance with their business strategies.

They deliver advice for different fashion marketing techniques in order to increase the company’s brand awareness. Luxury brand enterprises popularly hire fashion business advisors.

Creative consultant: They work in co-ordination with fashion professionals and provide them with expert advice. A creative consultant implements his knowledge and guides the professionals based on the current market scenario as well as considers which factors will attract their target audience and ensure the growth of the brand or label.

Stylist: This profile has become extremely appealing in the fashion industry where communication and creative skills of a candidate plays a major role. The stylists work in different domains like personal styling, product styling, photographic styling and even e-commerce styling.

A stylist works in co-ordination with models as well as photographers. They may be given daily as well as weekly targets. The job role is extensively pressured-packed, however, those with the zeal of working in a dynamic environment can go for this profile.

Visual merchandiser: This profile is all about showcasing visual concepts and strategies enforced for the promotion of brands, products and services. The visual merchandiser designers work in co-ordination with diverse departments and are based at the head offices.

Their prime responsibilities are concerned with researching current trends, engaging in meetings, budget maintenance, and making plans utilising their creative skills, and so on.

The profile is highly entertaining and exciting. India is an ultimate fashion destination with increasing number of global brands marking their way in the market.

The industry has witnessed a significant success due to its customers. The total expenditure of an Indian family on clothes and accessories accounts for six per cent of the monthly income.

The Indian fashion industry will witness a growth of 10-12 per cent in the coming years. Thus, students are looking at fashion designing as one of the most exciting courses available which offer a diverse range of job opportunities.

There has also been an increasing demand for online fashion designing course in India. There are a vast number of institutes offering fashion courses.

With professional mentoring and industry exposure, various institutes are offerings both a degree as well as a diploma in designing. A degree in this subject can open a doorway to a vast number of opportunities for students.

The writer is senior director, IMS-Design and Innovation Academy