Healthy hair gives an inspiration to take good care of them. It includes tying them before going to bed. Tying can be anything – From a cute loose braid to a simple loose bun. That will pretty up your look with a comfy sleep….. So get tying!

Nowadays women usually sleep with open hair. The reason differs from person to person. Some feel that they look prettier sleeping in open hair while others feel too exhausted and clumsy to tie hair after a tiresome day. Few even feel discomfort sleeping with tied hair.

Leaving hair untied while sleeping leads to tangled hair that is again a cause of hair fall. There is no end of hair damage in females’ right from the onset of teenage to the time they become grannies. It becomes important to minimise the destruction in all possible ways.


You may feel delighted to sleep in a stylish way with some simple though stunning hair do’s. They are hair friendly and give you an ultra-modern look with all comfort.

You may make a high loose bun on the top of your head. It will not interfere with your sleeping comfort. Use a gentle fabric band to secure. Don’t go for side or back bun, you may feel uncomfortable.

French braids are also good and gorgeous while sleeping. Though it may take some time to make but gives you a fashionable look with hair care in bed.

Make a simple loose braid. It will leave you with tangle-free hair and natural curls next morning.

Fishtail braid is also perfect to sleep in a stylish and comfy way pampering your hair and looks as well.

You may use clay clip sticks for beautiful wavy hair without heat and no harm to hair while sleeping. Place them loose on the top of your crown for an easy sleep.

Don’t make tight ponytail tied with an elastic band. According to hair experts, none of the hair style should be tight. It may put undue stress on hair shafts and pull the hair strands that will lead to weaken roots and hair fall.

Embrace these fabulous hair do’s. Believe it or not, you will smile looking at your hair in the morning.