With New Year comes a set of resolutions which keep us on our toes; from new clothes, new décor idea, because we aim to achieve a lot.  When it comes to home décor, there are many décor trends which are rising this year and one of them is jacquard designs. The design has a pattern woven into weave instead of printing and dyeing. Akshay Jaipuria, partner, Vaya Home gives an insight into its features and richness of colour and texture.

Different types of jacquard designs which can be used in our home are:

1. Fresco: A satin weave, combined with special weft effects, give Fresco a vibrant reminiscence of a painting. The shine and elegant arches in soft shades give it a radiance unlike any other. As part of our Jamewar collection, it is ideal to bring in a rich feel to a space.

2. Vilaas: Delightfully colourful and elegantly flowing, Vilaas is a fun, playful fabric that draws inspiration both from nature and its depictions. Also part of Jamewar, Vilaas is exquisite and perfect to use this festive season.

3. Batahla: Batahla is a silk jacquard, intricately woven with multiple wefts creating a stunning print like effect. The weaves add interesting surface effects to the fabric. The chic floral print is both rich and festive.

4. Tepee: The Teepee tents of the Native Americans represent warmth, adventure and colour – all elements of this multipurpose Ikat fabric. Part of our Fantasia collection, it brings a playful and fun feel to a space.

5. Madagascar: The large repeat of this jumbo jacquard make this pattern an experience in itself. True to its namesake, Madagascar is a fabric that evokes a larger-than-life feel that works in any setting.