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How to deal with addiction to cosmetic surgery

The thing about cosmetic surgery is you will not know when the addiction hits you.

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

Chipped and sealed down to perfection, cosmetic surgery may be the best in-thing for all those who are image conscious. Cosmetologists may vouch for it. For people whose image sells, plastic surgery is a done thing. Cosmetic surgery, however, is all about the beauty and the beast! It can become an addiction. The thing with cosmetic surgery is you will not know when the addiction hits you.

The hazard and disaster of plastic surgery lies in the addiction to it. The rich and famous often fall prey to it.

Recently, singer Aaron Carter admits to being addicted to cosmetic surgery and says he has been struggling with painkillers.

“I see a pretty good looking guy, I’m just skinny… And I just want to get better.” Carter says as quoted by reports in an interview.

The urge to look better and better or the desire to look perfect drives many people, not only celebs but also common people, to undergo the knife. But what happens when you like what you see in the mirror and slowly and slowly artificial beauty takes over you?

Cosmetic surgery often becomes an addiction like how any other form of high a short-lived pleasure gives. How do you deal with it when you become addicted to it?

Would an ultra-scientific technique help? Would understanding the hazards of cosmetic surgery help to refrain from it? Probably, not. Human fallacy or the tendency to do the “don’ts” is strong and is the basis of the original sin.

If nothing works, self-acceptance may be the solution to it.

It may be difficult to resist the modern solution to looking better and younger, especially when you want to look beauty perfect.

It, however, becomes easy to deal with when one learns to accept just the way one looks and all the flaws. In fact, it is the imperfection that makes us attractive in our unique ways.

In fact, accepting the way you look can help you to look better without having to undergo the knife.

Nobody is perfect. But one can look naturally and charmingly beautiful just the way one is. A little beauty care may be all you need.

Once you start accepting yourself as you are, you begin to accept all the flaws in the face and body. You begin to feel comfortable and good just the way you are. The feel good factor always reflect the beauty within on the outside. And people will love you for just the way you are, not for what you got on your face or your body.

It is just the way you are that matters. No matter what you do, you cannot escape ageing which is a part of all living process. All the new becomes old one day.


Don’t go changing …

Don’t go trying some new fashion

Don’t change the colour of your hair

You always have my unspoken passion… ~Billy Joel